Zen Cart Use The Same PayPal Account For Multiple Sites – Part One

Zen Cart provides many different payment options, and still more ways that these options can be configured. One of the most used out of them all is the option to allow customers to pay for items on your site via paypal. If you own multiple zen cart ecommerce stores, however, you may find yourself wondering if you can use one paypal account to accept payments through all of them. The answer to this question is, of course, yes. Even better, it’s not that hard to do.

When you are setting up the PayPal parameters for any specific Zen Cart site, you must provide API credentials for your PayPal account. This applies to Express Checkout, Website Payments Pro, Payments Advanced, Payflow Link, and Payments Pro. In order to connect your paypal account to more than one website, nearly all you need to do is supply the same API credentials to all of the stores you want to accept payments through. Zen Cart will automatically notify PayPal of the address of your store. Then, when a payment is submitted, the correct store will be sent the transaction updates. Each store will only have the orders placed on that store.

The only setup step you need to make is to ensure that the ‘Instant Payment Notification’, or IPN setting is enabled in your PayPal account. You can find it in your paypal profile, under Website Payment Receiving Preferences.

There are still, however, a few adjustments you might want to make to this setup. There are a lot of people who might wonder what to do about specifying the Return URL or Notification URL. This is a simple matter of configuring the URLs to the appropriate address for each of your stores.

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