Zen Cart How to Upgrade Your Store – Part Four

This Zen Cart Tutorial is the final segment of a four part series that teaches zen cart store owners how to upgrade their sites to the latest version of zen cart.

Now that you have created your new database, it’s time to restore your old database(using the the backup of it that you created earlier) into the new one. Check to see if your /zen_new folder has “/includes/configure.php” and “/admin/includes/configure.php” files. If it doesn’t, copy them from your old store folder into /zen_new.

Open “/zen_new/includes/configure.php”, and make sure that the DIR_FS_CATALOG and DIR_WS_CATALOG and DIR_FS_SQL_CACHE(other path settings as well) match your neq directory structure. Then, check your “/zen_new/includes/configure.php” file to ensure that the ‘DATABASE_NAME’ matches your new database. Also make sure that the database username and password are correct. Save this file.

Now, you will need to upload the files from your modified ‘new version’ to your server, into an alternate folder(We’ll call this ‘/store_new’). Then, run the /zc_install/index.php and select ‘Upgrade’ when prompted(If you select ‘Install’ here, you will overwrite your database). If you are not offered the upgrade option, then the installer was not able to connect to your database and confirm the version of it’s structure. In this case, you should check your configure.php settings.

If you selected upgrade, however, and everything went smoothly, it is time to test your customizations, making whatever edits are needed.

Once you are satisfied with your site, you can go live! If, however, you have a lot of changes to make, you should put your site down for maintenance. You can do this by going to your admin, Configuration–>Website Maintenance, and setting ‘down for maintenance’ to true. Don’t forget to add your IP address to the list addresses that are allowed to view the site during it’s down for maintenance periods.

If you need help with your zen cart web site please contact us for a quote.

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