Zen Cart Turn Off All Banners


If you are like me and love a clean looking, easy to navigate, advertisement free layout, then you will want to know how to turn off all of the banners in your zen cart. Making your site as clutter free as possible will help your customers to find what they are looking for quickly. Too much advertising on a site is a turn off and can negatively impact conversion rates. Since we will be using the built in zen cart functionality to do this, you can turn them back on again at any time. This is very important since you might want to use one of the banner slots in the future for an important announcement like “we will be closed on December 25th – December 28th”, or for a specials announcement like “Free shipping on orders through Saturday”. You might also decide to use one of the banner slots for another purpose such as showing your accepted payments, etc. This step by step tutorial will show you how easy it is to accomplish.

Sidebox Banners

1. Log into your zen cart admin and go to Tools -> Layout Boxes Controller.

zen cart admin layout boxes controller

2. You want to turn off the following sideboxes:

  • sideboxes/banner_box_all.php
  • sideboxes/banner_box2.php
  • sideboxes/banner_box.php

Turn them off by selecting the sidebox name and clicking on the green “e”.

click on the green e

3. For “Left/Right Column Status:” click on “OFF”, then click on the “update” button.

click on the update button

Do this for each of the banner sideboxes.

Disable Other Banners

1. Log into your zen cart admin and go to Tools -> Banner Manager.

zen cart admin banner manager

2. Click on the “Status” buttons until they are all red.

red status

That’s it! You have successfully turned off and disabled all banners in the zen cart. To turn them back on just turn on the banner sideboxes and enable the banners in the banner manager.

If you need help with your zen cart web site, please contact us for a quote.

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