Zen Cart Templates: How to Customize the Down for Maintenance Page

The default zen cart “Down for Maintenance” page is very generic and may not make the best impression on your customers. With just a little effort, the text and image on this page can be customized to match your zen cart templates. This will look a lot more professional and give your customers the confidence to come back and complete their transaction once your site is back up live again. This zen cart templates tutorial will show you how to customize the down for maintenance page text and image to match your store design.

To complete this tutorial you will need to know how to use a ftp program (filezilla is our favorite), how to use a plain text editor (Notepad++ is our favorite), and how to edit a php file.

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Zen Cart Templates Tutorial: How to Customize the Text and Image on the Down for Maintenance Page

1. In your favorite plain text editor open the includes/langages/english/override/down_for_maintenance.php. This is a php file and must be edited in a plain text editor. If you open this file using an html or wysiwyg editor, it will break the php code and when you upload the file back to your server it will break your zen cart site.

2. This file contains the definitions for all of the Down for Maintenance page text. You can change the navigation bar title, the heading title, the down for maintenance text message, the text for when maintenance will be turned on, the maintenance period, and the verify site status text.

Make your changes to the file but be sure that you keep all of the single quotes in tact. If you need to use an apostrophe or single quote in your text, be sure to escape it or else it will cause a blank page when you copy the file back to your server.

Save the file and upload it to the includes/langages/english/override directory on your server. Be sure to select “overwrite” so that the new file overwrites the one already on your server.

3. To customize the image shown on this page, create your image in your favorite image editing program, name it down_for_maintenance.gif and upload it to the includes/templates/override/images directory on your server.

4. Navigate to your zen cart home page in your browser and click on the “refresh” button.

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If you need help with your zen cart project, or need a quote for a customization that is beyond your skill level, contact us for a quote.

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