Zen Cart How To Speed Up Your Site – Part Two

This Zen Cart tutorial is a continuation of ‘Zen Cart How To Speed Up Your Site – Part One.

In your individual attribute assignments, you have the option of setting “Apply Discounts Used by Product Special/Sale: No”. This is, of course, assuming that the options don’t have cost associated with them.

If it’s mostly your home page that is slow, you should consider switching off content-boxes like specials and featured products. These can tend to generate a lot of extra queries because there is special pricing information involved in the data they extract and process.

Also, if you have a lot of products in your categories, you should think about consider splitting them up into subcategories. This will actually do more than improve page load time. It will also help your customers find what they are looking for more easily. As with page loading times, this is an important factor in conversion rates, especially if you want to raise yours.
However, if you really can not slim down your categories, then you might want to turn off the previous/next buttons on your product-info pages. You can do this by going to your admin area, and navigating to Configuration-> Product Info. If you don’t want to turn this off completely, you should at least set the prev/next sort mode so that it does not include the product name. Instead, we recommend either model number or price.

Furthermore, when you have lots of products spread out through many, many subcategories, you can significantly improve page load time by going to Admin-> Configuration-> Index Listing. Turn off the first 8 settings there by setting them to 0. Adjust this as necessary, depending on what content you wish to display, though you should definitely aim to turn off as many as possible.

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