Zen Cart How To Speed Up Your Site – Part Three

When you own and/or run a zen cart store, one of the most worrying things you can see is a low conversion rate for your website. One of the things that can contribute to this is slow site speed. Increasing your page load time is essential since customers these days expect a page load time of three seconds, maximum when shopping online – Even on their mobile devices! This Zen Cart tutorial, which is the third in a four part instructional series, will give you the most useful tips, tricks and hints about how you can speed up your website, and hopefully increase your conversion rates.

Firstly, the ‘new products’ selection window is set to ‘Forever’ by default. You can set this to a smaller time frame. This will affect the time during which new products will be displayed. By turning this down a few notches, you will make the new products display run faster, which will improve your site speed.

In some cases, you can also enable gzip compression. This can be helpful if you are experiencing sluggish load time on a site over internet connections that you know to be slow.
You can activate this feature by navigating to Admin-> Config-> GZip Compression->, and setting ‘Enable GZip Compression’ to ‘1’.

You should also make sure that your stylesheets contain no references to image files that don’t exist on your server.

Also, take a look at your debug/log files, and ensure that you do not have a ton of extra logs. When you allow a large number of debug log files to build up, it can cause your site to slow down to some degree. Get rid of the extra logs using the Admin-> Tools-> Store Manager-> Purge log files menu option. Before deleting them, however, it is a good idea to copy them to your computer so that you can check them to help with troubleshooting other issues on your site.

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