Zen Cart Set Up a Banner Ad


Banner ads can be a great way to promote sales, specials, other services, etc. on your zen cart store. This step by step tutorial will show you how to set up a banner ad in your zen cart.

This tutorial features the Ashley Pink free zen cart template by Picaflor Azul. If you want to use it for your zen cart project, you can download it for free here.

Create your banner in your favorite image editing program. This is the 468 x 60 banner I have made to promote the Easy Help Zen Cart Tutorial.

zen cart banner

Log into your zen cart admin and go to Tools -> Banner Manager.

zen cart banner manager

Click on the “new banner” button.

new banner button

Fill in the information:

  • A. Banner Status:–“active” or “not active”
  • B. Banner New Window–“yes” or “no”. I would only reccomend setting this to yes if the link will take customers off of your web site.
  • C. Banner on SSL–“yes” or “no”
  • D. Banner Title:
  • E. Banner URL:
  • F. Banner Group:–Select “BannersAll”, “Sidebox-Banners”, “Wide-Banners” or enter a new group
  • G. Image:–upload your banner image or enter a local file
  • H. HTML Text:
  • I. Sort Order – banner_box_all
  • J. Scheduled At:
  • K. Expires On:–can set a date or impressions/views

zen cart banner manager options

Go to your store and see your banner in action. Be sure to refresh the page.

click refresh

Banner Tips

  • Sidebox banners are narrower and designed to fit in a sidebox.
  • Wide Banners are designed to span the width of your page (the images should be wide, but not too tall).
  • You can give almost whatever group name you want to a banner. Banners in the same group will be randomly displayed one at a time in the position indicated in Layout Settings
  • You can use an image or HTML text for the banner – not both.
  • HTML Text has priority over an image
  • HTML Text will not register the click thru, but will register displays
  • Banners with absolute image URLs should not be displayed on secure pages
  • Do not fill out the ‘Save To’ field if you are not uploading an image to your web server (ie, you are using a local (serverside) image)
  • The ‘Save To’ field must be an existing directory with an ending slash (eg, banners/).
  • If the banner is not to expire automatically, then leave the expiration fields blank
  • All scheduled banners are marked as inactive until their date has arrived, to which they will then be marked active.

If you need help customizing your zen cart web site, or would like a great custom design, please contact us for a quote.

zen cart plus picaflor azul equals success