Zen Cart How To Save The Layout Box Configuration

In Zen Cart, when you switch from one template to another, the sideboxes will disappear, and need to be reconfigured manually. As a general rule, the average zen cart user should not need to switch templates very often, but there are some cases where it is necessary. In these cases, it can be quite time consuming if you have to reconfigure the sideboxes every time you switch to a different template. In a standard Zen Cart installation, there are over twenty sideboxes that come with the package. Sometimes, even more sideboxes are added in after zen cart has been set up.

Luckily, there is an easy solution to this problem, in the form of a zen cart plugin. It purpose is to ‘Save your sideboxes layout as the default’, which means that it carries over from template to template. By default, the sideboxes in zen cart are configured to look like the ones in the classic zen cart template. The Save your Sideboxes module allows you to set whatever sidebox configuration you want as the default with the click of a button. The module has been tested for Zen Cart version 1.3.9., and can be downloaded here.

After you install the plugin, you will be able to access it’s features by opening your zen cart admin area, and navigating to Tools–> Layout Boxes Controller. When you switch to a new template, you can use the ‘reset’ button in this area to restore your sideboxes to their default setting.

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