Zen Cart How To Remove ‘Home’ From the Middle Column

In this easy help Zen Cart tutorial, we will tell you how you can easily get rid of the ‘home’ found near the top of the main page in your zen cart store. In this tutorial, we will be CAPITALIZING the words that refer to a folder or language that you pick the name for when setting up your zen cart. By default, zen Cart uses CUSTOM for your template directories, and ENGLISH for your language directories, but it is highly recommended that you change these according to your conventions.

The ‘home’ at the top middle of the page is called a ‘breadcrumb’. The further into your site a customer goes, the longer the trail will get(i.e. home..yourcategory..yourproduct). This shows clients where they are on your site, and provides an easy way for them to retrace their steps should they desire. If you don’t like the breadcrumbs, you can disable them completely or you can disable them on the main page only.

To turn them off completely in your zen cart Admin, go to -> Configuration -> Layout settings -> Define Breadcrumb Status, and set to this to 0. You can also turn them off for the home page only.

To turn them off on the main page only, go to the includes/templates/COMMON/tpl_main_page.php directory of your zen cart, and find this code:

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