Zen Cart Do You Really Need SSL On Your Site? – Part Two

This Zen cart article is the second in a series that aims to educate Zen Cart store owners on the benefits that come with having their websites SSL certified. For the most part, all online stores should be SSL certified if they receive credit card information. When this is the case, SSL certification becomes absolutely essential for the protection of your customer’s payment data.

Even if you own an ecommerce store, but your payments are processed offsite, you still need SSL certification for your customer’s protection. When payments are processed via another gateway that has an SSL certified site, then it’s true that your site does not technically have to have SSL installed on it, because it’s not actually handling your customer’s credit card data. However, if your site does not have SSL enabled, your customer’s passwords, names,, addresses, and email are at risk of being stolen by a nefarious third party when put into fields on your website. This information could then be used to login to your customer’s accounts, allowing potential third parties to impersonate them. These impersonaters would be unable to use your customer’s banking/creditcard data since zen cart doesn’t store any banking or card data, but they could still cause a significant bit of trouble, both for you and your actual customer. Adding an SSL certificate to your zen cart store eliminates the possibility that this kind of identity theft can occur on your site.

A common objection to SSL certification is that there are costs associated with it. While this is true, it is more than worth the money you spend getting your SSL installed and set up to avoid the possibility of identity theft, or other, even more serious forms of online fraud.

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