Zen Cart Do You Really Need SSL On Your Site? – Part Three

This zen cart article is the third in an educational series that aims to teach zen cart users and store owners about the benefits of having their websites SSL certified. In the last segment of this article, we left off explaining the costs associated with SSL.

When you get SSL certified, there are three things you will have to pay for. The first is a dedicated IP address. The second, is the actual SSL certificate. There are two kinds of certificates: Dedicated, and shared. These are different in that a dedicated certificate is specially issued for your site, while a shared certificate displays your host’s name. The type of certificate you have on your zen cart site, however, can affect your conversion rates. As such, we recommend a dedicated certificate. When customers visit your zen cart website, they will expect your domain to be in the site url. When you have a shared certificate, you cannot use your own domain name. Customer’s might not even be able to view your zen cart site, and if they can, they will see warnings about the shared SSL. These are guaranteed to unsettle your clients, and make them wary of submitting their credit card information into fields on your site. Some online shoppers won’t even bother browsing zen cart stores that sport these warnings.

The third, and final cost involved with getting SSL on your website is the money it costs to have the certificate installed and activated in your hosting account. It should be noted that for this, your hosting account must have the ability to offer SSL. This generally means that you must at least have a plan which offers a dedicated IP address. Most hosting plans include this for no charge, or offer it for a few dollars monthly.

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