Zen Cart Do You Really Need SSL On Your Site? – Part Four

This Zen Cart article is the final segment in a four part educational series that aims to teach zen cart users and store owners about the benefits of having your website SSL certified.

In this last segment, we will finish with a few words about dedicated vs. shared SSL certificates. As has been said before, we strongly recommend a dedicated certificate as they are optimal for a few reasons. One of these is the technical aspect of getting SSL for your site. Dedicated certificates work in zen cart with minimal setup and customization. Another important factor is your business’s brand. A dedicated certificate allows your site to use the same URL as your zen cart store, which brands it as one entity. When you use a shared certificate, the url for your zen cart store and site are different. As a result, customers can become confused, or worse, decide something fishy is going on. Whether customers are afraid that they are about to be scammed, or confused about where they are online, the effect this has on your conversion rates is still a negative one.

Beside this, shared certificates are configured oddly at times, mostly when it comes to cheaper web hosting companies. Sometimes, these weirdly configured certificates do not meet the industry standards required for Zen Cart. As such, they may not run properly on your zen cart store. Or, the SSL might not even work at all.

Whether you choose a shared or dedicated certificate, however, it’s installation will definitely be specific to your web host and user account. You will need to speak with your hosting company in order to buy, install, and properly configure an SSL certificate in your hosting account.

If you need help with your zen cart web site please contact us for a quote.

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