Zen Cart Why Are My Product Titles Showing Twice?

In Zen Cart, product pages are among the most important on your entire ecommerce site. It is critical that these pages look good, and function properly, because this is where customers will make the decision to purchase an item, or not. As with the rest of your zen cart site, there are many, many ways to break these pages, or cause them to display bugs and glitches. In this tutorial, we will take a look at a very specific problem which can be encountered on this page. Namely, a slight bug whereby the product name shows twice, in different places on the page.

In this scenario, let’s say you are viewing a product info page on your website. You would see the product title at the top of the page, where it is supposed to be, but it would also display in place of the product image thumbnail.

The cause behind this glitch is actually very simple. In Zen Cart, many images include an ALT tag in the html which calls them. Most often, this ALT tag is just the product name, or maybe a few relevant keywords. When the images being called are not found in your zen cart directories, the ALT text will show alone in place of the image. This can make it look like the product name is duplicating itself on the page.

Just as the reason for this glitch is simple, so is the solution. All you need to do is find the name of the missing image which is being called, and create an image using that name. Save this image to the appropriate folder in your zen cart, and reload the page to see the new image!

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