Zen Cart Set Products To Be Both Physical And Virtual

In Zen Cart, it is possible to configure products so that they are categorized as both physical/shippable and virtual/downloadable products. There are very few instances in which this functionality is useful, but if you happen to find yourself needing to set a product up this way, look no further! In this Zen Cart tutorial, we will teach you how to properly configure a product in this manner.

The first thing you should do is to check and see if your products are set to ‘Always Free Shipping’ or ‘0 weight’. If this is the case, go check Admin–>Configuration–>Shipping/Packaging, and make sure that these settings match those of your products.

The main difference between a product that is only physical or virtual, and one that is a combination of the two(Sometimes called a ‘combo’ product) has to do with the weight attribute assigned to any given product type. Unlike a physical or virtual product, combo products can have their Weight added to the Product and/or the Attribute. Which one you choose to add it to is not really all that critical.

To actually create a combo product, mark it as’Product is Virtual: No, Shipping Address Required’, and ‘Always Free Shipping: Special’ .

Since Physical/Virtual combo products require a shipping address by default, zen cart will automatically calculate the weight as it usually would for a product which does not require a shipping address. This allows the shipping to function properly, despite the fact that the product is also marked as downloadable.

After marking the product in this manner, simply go on to configure it with the Special and Shippable/Download Combo, including the weight on the product and/or Attribute(s) for shipping. You can add additional attributes to the download as needed.

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