Zen Cart Payment Without A Paypal Account

Many Zen Cart users set up their stores so they can recieve PayPal Payments Standard from their customers. However, this method of payment does not allow customers to pay using their credit cards without having a paypal account of their own. In this case, if your customer does not already have a paypal account, they will be required to create one before they can complete the checkout process. This is a great inconvenience to shoppers, to the point that they probably won’t return to your store, and may not even bother completing their current purchase. Luckily, this can be remedied fairly easily. In this Zen Cart tutorial, we will teach you how to make it so your customers can buy from you without having a paypal account.

In your PayPal account profile, navigate to ‘Payment Receiving Preferences’, and find the ‘Account Optional’ setting. Set it to ‘on’. This will enable customers to pay for their orders via credit card without a paypal account. It should be noted, however, that this option is not available for all locations. In some locations, or countries, PayPal requires users to have a PayPal account before making a transaction, so if your customer’s IP Address is coming from one of these areas, they will simply have to create a PayPal account before finishing their order.

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