Zen Cart How To Create Downloadable Products – Part Five

This Zen Cart tutorial is the fifth and final installment in a series dedicated to teaching zen cart users and store owners how they can create downloadable products. In this last segment, we end the series with a few tips about how you can fine tune your download process

First of all, it is good to note that there aren’t any shipping costs automatically, because the name of the download file has been added to an Attribute. This means that downloads should not be marked as ‘Always Free Shipping’, or ‘Virtual Products’. Also be sure to set up the product so that the shipping address is not required at checkout.

You should also make sure that all of the files for download (all the files located in the ‘download’ directory of your zen cart) are set to read-only(644 should do the trick here). In contrast, the ‘download’ folder itself will, by default, be set to 755. For download-by-redirect procedures, however, your ‘pub’ directory will need to be set to read-write as well. 777 is a good permissions setting for this purpose, though it should be noted that a lower setting like 755 is required by some web hosting companies. This does not apply to Windows servers, however, since you do not use the ‘pub’ directory because symlinks typically don’t work on Windows servers. On most windows servers, Redirect is turned off, as Redirect requires symlink support, which windows does not provide.

Zip up the download files for the best results. Also ensure that you do not use any special characters, spaces, etc. in the filenames.

After you have added your downloadable products, it is a good idea to check them over to make sure that they all work right.

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