Zen Cart Language Files and How They Are Used – Part One

In zen cart, language files, or a ‘language system’ is used to define the text content in various places in your store. One feature of this system is zen cart’s ability to run in another language, or even multiple languages at the same time. It also means that, with little or no knowledge of databases and/or programming languages, you can edit the text or content on any page of your zen cart. In this easy help zen cart tutorial, we will take you through the language files, and their various roles in your zen cart store.

The information that these files contain can be separated into four categories: Global information, which contains text that is used across the entire site. This information can be found in the includes/languages/english.php file; page specific information is text and content used by individual pages in your cart. This type of information is in your includes/languages/ENGLISH/xxx.php file; your definitions is text that you might find necessary or useful for your store, but which is not usually found in zen cart because it is too user/industry specific. Information like this is contained in the include/languages/ENGLISH/extra_definitions/xxx.php file; and finally, complete pages, which are default pages used by Zen Cart. These can be edited as you deem necessary, and you can even add your own pages if you want. These files are located in the includes/languages/ENGLISH/html_includes/define_xxx.php.

These files use ‘define statements’, which contain of a constant, and the data within the constant. Here is an example:

define('MY_CONSTANT', 'This is my information');

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