Zen Cart Error Message ‘Unauthenticated content’

This Zen Cart tutorial discusses an error message which reads ‘This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?’ This error can also read as ‘Page contains unauthenticated content’, or ‘connection partially encrypted’.

This error means that you have hard-coded URLs somewhere in your zen cart, rather than relative paths. This warning can also be triggered if there are banners in your zen cart with ‘http://’ links, which are set so that they will not show on SSL pages. Another cause is click-tracking tools which access your site using javascript, and link to http:// pages elsewhere.

The easiest way to figure out what is causing the problem is to search through your web browser’s View Source page for ‘src=”http://’. Once you find the hard link/s, fo through your template files/stylesheets and remove all the hard-coded links you found.

In the future, you can prevent this error from popping up again by enuring that you never hard-code a full ‘HTTP://’ URL anywhere on your site.

It should also be noted that this error can also be caused by images mentioned in your stylesheet that do not exist. In this case, they will produce ‘404 Not Found’ errors. In turn, these can sometimes create a ‘loop’ while attempting to display a 404-error-page, which often generates more error messages, and compounds the problem. Aside from throwing off a whole lot of error messages, this kind of repetitive loop can create a lot of extra traffic on your hosting account, which can get you into trouble with some web hosts, though this repercussion is highly conditional on what web hosting company owns the servers on which you host your zen cart store.

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