Zen Cart Error Message ‘Authorize.net SIM…’ Part One

This Zen Cart tutorial deals with the error message which reads: ‘An error occurred while trying to report this transaction to the merchant. An e-mail has been sent to the merchant informing them of the error. The following is the result of the attempt to charge your credit card.’

This error message will most likely be encountered by your customers at checkout. It is a message that should be taken care of pretty quickly, as it can have a big negative impact on the number of customers who end up going through the checkout process, and purchasing items from your website. This is an error message that has many possible causes. In this tutorial, we will go over these causes, and tell you how you can fix each of them.

The first possibility is that your zen cart website may be taking too long to respond when Authorize.net sends transaction authorization to your site, and/or redirects customers back to your site from Authorize.net. The maximum time permitted for your site to respond to these interactions is 10 seconds. If your server takes longer to load pages, it is an indication of a more serious underlying issue with your server speed. There are many things that can cause this issue, and the best place to start when trying to remedy it is to speak with your hosting company. You should also take a look at our tutorials on page speed optimization.

The next cause is much simpler: your site could be Down For Maintenance mode. When in you put your site down for maintenance, you can’t test SIM transactions, which can lead to this issue. If this is the case, simply take your site out of maintenance mode.

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