Zen Cart Error Message “Error: (6) Couldn’t resolve host”

For those who own and/or operate a zen cart ecommerce store, unknown error messages can present some of the most frustrating challenges. This is because there are tons of different error messages, and deciphering them can be a bit difficult for those who are new to zen cart. One of the things that makes error messages so hard to deal with is the fact that most of these notices can indicate a host of problems rather than a single issue. In this Easy Help Zen Cart tutorial, we will discuss the error message which reads: “Error: (6) Couldn’t resolve host”, and walk you through the various reasons why this message might pop up on your site.

The “couldn’t resolve host” message appears when your webserver runs into trouble while attempting to look up the IP address of the destination server. This can happen due to problems with your web server, your hosting company’s network, public DNS services, or the destination server. Most often, these problems come in the form overloaded servers, or maintanence checks that take the server or website offline temporarily, or misconfigured server settings. If the problem is with your DNS, it could be due to replication issues.

To resolve this error message, you should speak with your web host to see if they can help you figure out where the problem is originating. If the problem is with your web servers, their hosting network, or the DNS, then you may be able to work with your hosting company to resolve the issue, or have them fix it for you.

If the problem is not on your end, you might try contacting the destination server your webserver was trying to connect with to let them know about the problem.

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