Zen Cart What Is A Download Delivery Method? – Part Two

This zen cart article is the last in a two part series that explores the various download delivery methods available for Zen Cart. In the last segment, we discussed the Download by Redirect Method. The second method comes into play when you disable Download by redirect by setting it to ‘False’. When you do this, your customers are given a link that leads directly to the product file in your /download folder. This link doesn’t expire, which means that your customers can download the product as often as they want. They can also share the download link with others, which is a pretty major security breach, and can definitely hurt your business. After all, why would anyone buy your product when they can easily get their hands on it for free?

Despite this drawback, this method works on both Windows and Linux hosts, and is not affected by PHP max_execution_time limits.

For the third and final method, ‘Download by streaming’ ‘Download by Redirect’ must be disabled. This method differs from the first two, in that it does not link customers to your products. Instead, Zen Cart sends the file as a download, in 2KB chunks. This method is recommended above the others, as it keeps server RAM loading to a minimum, and stops download links from ever being shared. While this method works Windows and Linux hosts, you will need to adjust your server’s PHP configuration so that the max_execution_time variable is set high enough to allow your largest file to complete it’s download. Otherwise, you will run into time/data limits when your zen cart store attempts to send large files, which pose potential customer service issues, and as well as introducing some technical difficulties.

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