Zen Cart Disable The Shipping Estimator In The Shopping Cart

Zen Cart natively comes with a lot of cool and useful functionalities enabled. This is one of the things that makes it such a powerful and customizable ecommerce platform. Sometimes, however, these native functionalities can clutter up the layout of a page in your zen cart. If you look at my website, any of my zen cart custom designs, or pre-made templates, then you will see that I favor simple, clean, easy to navigate designs, especially for ecommerce businesses. Aside from being more visually appealing, these kinds of designs can also increase customer conversion rates. Busier, more cluttered designs can confuse visitors to your website, and distract them from your products. In this zen cart tutorial, we will teach you how to turn off one of the less essential features that zen cart provides, in order to offer your customers a cleaner, easier to use design. The feature we will be discussing is the shipping estimator.

The Zen Cart shipping estimator is located in the shopping cart area of your website. In general, this is a useful tool which allows users to view their shipping cost before checkout. With a clean layout in mind, however, it can be done away with quite easily, and this simple change can have a significant, positive impact on the customer’s overall impression of your zen cart store. And we all know how important impressions are to a customer’s confidence in any business they are thinking of buying from, especially online.

To turn the shipping estimator off, log in to your Zen Cart Admin area, and navigate to Configuration –> Shipping/Packaging. Find the field labeled ‘Shipping Estimator Display Settings for Shopping Cart’. Select this field, and simple select ‘Off’. Save your modifications, and go see the change on the front end of your website!

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