Zen Cart How To Use The Developer’s Toolkit – Part Two

This Zen Cart tutorial is the second and final part of a series that explains what the developer’s toolkit is, and how it can be used to help with website customization. In this installment, we will pick up where we left off in the last segment.

If you have already picked the text you wish to modify, highlight it with your cursor. Then, paste that section exactly as is into the first search box on the developer’s toolkit page in your zen cart admin area. This is the part of the process that will vary depending on what change you are making, and where you are making it.

Next, open the first drop-down menu, and select the appropriate category. This will also be different from task to task. Since we are changing the welcome email text for this example, we will choose ‘All Language files’. Click search to display all the results for the criteria you just defined. Several files will likely be shown, along with the exact line numbers on which the text you are looking for can be found. For this example, the file we are looking for is /includes/languages/english/create_account.php.

Retrieve this file from your zen cart server, and open it in your favorite plain text editor. Make your changes, and save the file to your computer. Then, upload it to your server via FTP or SSH. It is recommended that you move the customized version of this file to an override directory, even though this isn’t where you got the file from. This means that instead of uploading the file back to /includes/languages/english/create_account.php, you would put it in
/includes/languages/english/YOURTEMPLATE/create_account.php. Replace the ‘YOURTEMPLATE’ folder name with the name of the directory you are using to develop your zen cart website.

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