Zen Cart Create Music Products With Audio Previews – Part Two

This zen cart tutorial is last in a two part series which aims to teach zen cart users and store owners how to create music products, and setup audio previews for them. In the last segment, we left off after instructing you on how to upload the audio clips which will constitute the previews.

Now, with your desired media collection still selected, find the “Assign to Products” button. Click through, and choose the category and product you want to associate the media collection with from the drop down menu. In Zen Cart, Media collections can be assigned to more than one category and/or product.

It should be noted that you MUST select product type ‘product-music’ when assigning media collections, or the preview clips will not appear on the front end of your store. The drop down menu lists all products/categories, regardless of whether they are the correct product type, so you will need to be a little careful when selecting the product/category assignment.

The last thing you will need to do is visit the front end of your zen cart website to make sure that everything is in working order. On the product info pages to which you assigned a media collection, you should be able to listen to a free audio preview of the product. While the length and content of the clips is left to your discretion for the most part, it is recommended that you keep previews around thirty seconds to a minute long. While there are plenty of exceptions to this rule, it is generally a good length for most four to ten minute music tracks, as it is long enough to capture a customer’s interest, and short enough to foil pirating attempts.

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