Zen Cart Create Music Products With Audio Previews – Part One

If you are the owner and/or operator of a zen cart store that sells music, or other audio products, you will probably want to provide your customers with clips, or previews of these items. This Zen Cart tutorial will teach you how to do this. Make sure that you have already created your Music Genres, Record Companies, and Recording Artists. You will also need to set your Media Types, which will define the allowed file-extensions for files uploaded to your server.

Create a test product in your zen cart store. Select the product type “Product-Music” from the pulldown menu during the creation process. Then, fill out all the product details. At this point, you will be able to select the Record Artist, Record Company, Genre, etc. for the product.

Next, you will need to compile your media collections using Media Manager. These are like albums/mixes of songs which can be attached to your products. To do this, click “Insert”, which will allow you to create a media collection. Enter the name of the collection, and then click “Save”.

After this, select “Edit” to add media clips to the collection. Click the “Browse” button to upload a file from your computer of the preset media type. The file should be uploaded to the Media Directory which is selected by default in the pulldown menu. You can choose to place this file elsewhere, but this is not recommended, as it will make more work for you down the line. After you have upoaded the file, you can clicked “Edit” again to upload more. If you accidentally upload the wrong clip, or duplicate a clip, you should delete the file right away to avoid confusion later on.

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