Zen Cart How To Configure For Canadian Taxes – Part One

This Zen Cart tutorial is the first in a series that aims to help zen cart users and store owners set up their taxes to comply with Canadian standards and regulations. The first step in this process is to set your store location, or the zone from which you are shipping.

To do this, open your zen cart admin, and log in. Navigate to configuration -> My Store. Set your country to ‘Canada’, and select the appropriate zone. Save your changes.

The next step is creating the Tax zones. These are distinct geographical regions where different tax laws apply. In this step, you will need to go to Locations/Taxes –> Zones Definitions. The first zone you create will be for the entirety of Canada. Name it ‘Canada GST Zone’, and in the description, write ‘GST (except Eastern Canada: NS, NB, NL)’.

After this, click on the ‘Canada GST Zone’ row, and begin creating the first subset of zones. Click insert to add the sub-zones, which will be:

British Columbia
Northwest Territories
Prince Edward Island
Yukon Territory

Note that these are the zone names. The country should be set to Canada by default.

When you have created all these sub zones, click the back button to ascend a level. Now, create the Ontario Provincial Tax Zone, naming it ‘Ontario PST Zone’, and writing ‘PST (only when shipping to Ontario)’ in the description.

Next, select the ‘Ontario PST Zone’ row and create another sub-zone, which will be called ‘Ontario’. Make sure that the country is set to Canada.

Go back up one level again, and create the HST Tax Zone. This one will be named ‘Eastern Canada – HST Zone’, and described as ‘NS, NB, NL’.

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