Zen Cart What is CHMOD and What do the Numbers Mean?

When you set up your zen cart store, you will need to set your configure.php files to permissions 444 for security reasons. What does this mean? What does the number 444 signify? This easy help zen cart tutorial will explain what CHMOD is and what the numbers mean.

This tutorial features the Dover Fine free responsive zen cart template. It is released under the GPL, so feel free to use it for your clients or your own zen cart site.

Download the Dover Fine template package here.

dover fine responsive zen cart template
This template is a responsive design and has been optimized for desktops, laptops, landscape and portrait tablets, and landscape and portrait phones. Increasingly, visitors are shopping online using their mobile devices so it is important that your site is optimized for these devices. Don’t lose sales, go responsive today!

A guide to the numbers:

444 = (r– r– r–): owner/group/others are all only able to read the file. They cannot write to it or execute it.
644 = (rw- r– r–): same as 444 except the owner can write to it.
755 = (rwx r-x r-x): owner can read, write and execute the file, members in the user group and others can read and execute the file but cannot write to it.

r = read, w = write and x = execute.

The first group of three characters represents the owner’s level of permission, the second group represents permission for others in the same user group as the owner, and the last group represents the permission for all others (including website visitors).

Permissions are normally set using your web host control panel. They can also be set using the chmod command in many ftp programs.

If you need help with your zen cart project, or need a quote for a customization that is beyond your skill level, contact us for a quote.

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