Zen Cart How to Change the Logo

When you first install Zen Cart, one of the first changes you will want to make is to change the ‘powered by zen cart’ logo in the header to your businesses logo. In this Easy Help Zen Cart tutorial, you will learn how to swap the images. By default, Zen Cart calls this image logo.gif, but you can change that to whatever you like.

Use an image editor to create your new logo, and then save it to includes/templates/CUSTOM/images/your_image_name.??? and upload it to your server.

After creating your logo, you can adjust it’s height, width and name in your includes/languages/ENGLISH/header.php file. If you want to do this, find this code:

define('HEADER_ALT_TEXT', 'Powered by Zen Cart :: The Art of E-Commerce');
define('HEADER_LOGO_WIDTH', '192px');
define('HEADER_LOGO_HEIGHT', '64px');
define('HEADER_LOGO_IMAGE', 'logo.gif');

Change the information in this block of code to the new height, width, and name of the image you are using as your logo.

Save the file, and upload it to your server. You should now see your image in the place of the ‘powered by zen cart’ image that is set to show by default.

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