Zen Cart How to Change Meta Title Comma to Pipe

The zen cart meta title tag for is super important for SEO (search engine optimization). Google uses this tag to determine what a page will be about. By default, zen cart uses a comma in the meta title tag. This Easy Help Zen Cart Tutorial will show you how to change the comma to a pipe or vertical bar.

In your favorite plain text editor, open the includes/languages/YOUR_LANGUAGE/override/meta_tags.php file. If you do not already have an override for this file, copy the includes/languages/YOUR_LANGUAGE/meta_tags.php file to your includes/languages/YOUR_LANGUAGE/override/meta_tags.php to create one.

On or around line 53 change this:

// Define Tertiary Section Output
  define('TERTIARY_SECTION', ', ');

to this:

// Define Tertiary Section Output
  define('TERTIARY_SECTION', ' | ');

Save the file and upload it to your server making sure that you select to overwrite the file already on your server. Navigate to the front of your store, refresh your browser, and see the changes.

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