Zen Cart How to Change the Logo Alignment

There are many changes that you can make to your zen cart store. One thing you can do is change the position of the logo in the header. In zen cart, the logo is left aligned by default. If, for example, you wanted to change it to be right aligned, you would have to modify the includes/templates/CUSTOM/css/stylesheet.css file.

Open the file in your favorite plain text editor, and find this block of code:

#logo, .centerBoxContents, .specialsListBoxContents, .categoryListBoxContents, .centerBoxContentsAlsoPurch, .attribImg {float: left;}

This is code is a collection of several ‘selectors’. You will want to change this code so that when you make your changes to the logo, they will not interfere with the layout of other sections. In order to do this, you must split this code into two separate statements and create a new selector/definition below it. Here is an example of this:

.centerBoxContents, .specialsListBoxContents, .categoryListBoxContents, .centerBoxContentsAlsoPurch, .attribImg {float: left;}
#logo {float: left;}

To center the logo use text-align: center. Or, if you want to align it to the right use float: right;

After you have made your changes, save the file to includes/templates/CUSTOM/css/stylesheet.css and upload to your server.

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