Zen Cart How to Bulk Add Option Values to Option Names

If your zen cart products have a lot of the same option values for different option names, you will save a lot of time adding them in bulk as opposed to one at a time. Say, for example that you have a set up like this:

Colour Top: 30 choices
Colour Bottom: 30 choices (same as Colour Top)
Colour Left: 30 choices (same as Colour Top)
Colour Right: 30 choices (same as Colour Top)

This Easy Help Zen Cart Tutorial will show you how to save a lot of time by bulk adding option values to option names using your zen cart admin panel.

1. Log into your zen cart admin.

2. Go to Catalog – Option Names Manager
zen cart option names manager

Create option names for:
Color Top
Color Bottom
Color Left
Color Right

If you do not know how to create option names, see this zen cart tutorial about How to Add Attributes to Products.

4. Go to the Options Values Manager and add all of the colors to Color Top.

5. Go to the Option Names Manager, scroll to the bottom of the page, and use the:
zen cart option names manager

For the Copy From Option Name, select Color Top
For the Copy ALL Option Values to Option Name, select Color Bottom
Then click on the “update” button

6. Repeat for the other Option Names.

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