Zen Cart What Payment Gateways Are Best For Zen Cart?

As a Zen Cart store owner, there are a lot of things you need to consider, especially if you are just starting your online business, or even setting up a website for your existing store. Whatever your specific circumstance, however, one of the most important decisions you will make is what payment gateway you will use. Payment gateways are authorized, secure third parties that act as a conduit between you, and whatever payment method your customers use. You will need to choose a payment gateway, and get it working with your Zen Cart store before you can start accepting payments, so this is pretty high-priority.

Not all payment gateways are compatible with Zen Cart. Here are the ones that work natively with Zen Cart:

– Authorize.net AIM (SIM is also supported, but AIM is recommended for its security benefits)
– PayPal Website Payments Standard (IPN)
– PayPal Express Checkout
– PayPal Website Payments Pro
– LinkPoint API
– YourPay API
– C.O.D.
– Check/MoneyOrder

Out of these, we use and recommend Authorize.net AIM. Depending on your unique circumstances, you may need or want to use a different payment gateway, but this is the one you should probably go with if you are unsure.

There are also a lot of addon gateways available in the Free Addons area of the Zen Cart website. Most of these have been added by third party contributors from the Zen Cart community, built to work with many different versions of zen cart. Before you use any of these, be sure to make sure that they are compatible with the version of Zen Cart your store is currently running. It is also a good idea to take a look at their requirements to make sure that you can use them with your current webserver configuration.

If you need help with your zen cart web site please contact us for a quote.

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