Zen Cart How To Add Menu Items Into The Admin – Part Three

This Zen Cart tutorial is the last in a three part instructional series that teaches Zen Cart users and store owners how to add new items or tools into their admin menus. It should be noted that this exercise requires a certain proficiency in php and css.

The seventh and final parameter (20) is the sort order for the page. This determines it’s position within the drop-down menu in relative to the other items and tools.

After you have made the correct modifications, your new item should be present in the admin menu of your choice. In the future, if you decide you no longer want or need this item in your admin menu, removing it is a simple matter. All you have to do is incklude a file in your distribution named /uninstall_new_page.sql. This code should be contained in the file:

DELETE FROM admin_pages WHERE page_key='toolsNewTool';

Rather than distribute the init_new_tool.php file, you might consider include installation instructions for the Admin Access Management->Admin Page Registration tool. Set Page Key to toolsNewItem, the Page Name to BOX_TOOLS_NEW_ITEM, and the Page File Name to FILENAME_NEW_ITEM. Don’t put anything into Page Parameters.

After making the correct modifications, select “Tools” in the Menu. Check ‘Show on Menu’ , and set the Sort Order to 20. If you don’t see your newly added item after this, don’t panic. It’s probably just hiding somewhere in the midst of the menu’s dropdown. If you want to make sure that your item is at the bottom of the menu, then simply set the sort order to 999, or some other large number. If you want to change the position of an item within the menus, use phpMyAdmin to browse the admin_pages table. Find the menu item, and modify it’s sort_order value.

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