Zen Cart Add About Us Page to Configuration – Define Page Status

All of our free template packages come with the About Us page module installed. This module adds a page called “About Us” to the zen cart define pages which can be edited in the zen cart admin define pages editor. Adding the About Us page to the admin – configuration – define page status will give you the following convenient configuration options:

  • Enable the Defined About Us Page Link/Text?
  • 0= Link ON, Define Text OFF
  • 1= Link ON, Define Text ON
  • 2= Link OFF, Define Text ON
  • 3= Link OFF, Define Text OFF

1. Log into your zen cart admin and go to Tools -> Install SQL Patches

Paste this in the box and click on the Send button:

INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES ('', 'Define About Us Status', 'DEFINE_ABOUT_US_STATUS', '1', 'Enable the Defined About Us Link/Text?0= Link ON, Define Text OFF1= Link ON, Define Text ON2= Link OFF, Define Text ON3= Link OFF, Define Text OFF', 25, 90, '', '', NULL, 'zen_cfg_select_option(array(''0'', ''1'', ''2'', ''3''),');

Go to Admin -> Configuration -> Define Page Satus to see the About Us page in the list:

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