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Picaflor Azul offers complete zen cart design and development services.

Be sure to check out our blog on Typepad.com. Typepad offers free blogs, business blogs, and pro blogs. Picaflor Azul chose this blogging system is great because it makes blogging easy. Their intuitive interface allows you to add content, pictures and links quickly and easily. At Typepad you can maintain complete control over your own blog. You can customize the design, moderate comments, display ads (or not display ads), and a lot more. Picaflor Azul loves that Typepad makes it easy for readers to find your blog. Every Typepad blog is search engine optimized. You can use Google Sitemaps, a PubSubhubbub hub, search-engine friendly URLs and site structure, and the exclusive Six Apart Atom stream used by Google and other search engines that make your content easier to find. Since Typepad is a paid service, Picaflor Azul can count on never having to deal with spam showing up on your blog. They do have an advertising option, but this can be easily disabled if you do not want ads to apprear on your blog. Typepad regularly commissions talented graphic and web designers to design templates that look sharp, professional, and creative. If you have the know how, like Picaflor Azul, you can even code your own blog template. TypePad is continually adding new features and functionality to help our customers stay a step ahead. Typepad has social networking integration with the popular Facebook web site. Typepad does a lot to keep your Picaflor Azul’s blog content safe. They offer comment moderation, span control, and powerful back-end protection. With Typepad you can grow your blog as big as you like. Even if you have a readership of one million they can accommodate you. Typepad has great customer service. They provide customer support 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Read our blog for updates on the latest custom zen cart designs, newly released free zen cart templates before they are available on the official zen cart site, and for tips and tutorials on making your zen cart store the best that it can be!

Picaflor Azul specializes in creating beautiful and functional zen cart designs. Their site www.picaflor-azul.com provides links to the most used zen cart tutorials, has satisfied customer testimonials, and features their zen cart design portfolio. Contact Us for a quote on your custom zen cart design project today!

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