Picaflor Azul Zen Cart Design on Zannel

Picaflor Azul offers complete zen cart design and development services.

Zannel allows you to post updates to Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, WordPress, Movable type, Blogger, hi5, Livejournal, Friendster, Typepad, Multiply, Orkut, Igoogle, Xanga, and more! Picaflor Azul loves Zannel because it that allows millions of people to see and talk about what’s happening now using pictures and videos and – yes! – even text. Because pictures change the conversation. And best of all you can join Zannel for free.

We posts updates to Zannel serveral times per week. Our Zannel updates contain information about current and completed zen cart design projects. These updates will usually give you links to our blog posts on the subjects which will contain all of the project and design details as well as the url of the site. Other Picaflor Azul Zannel updates will be just links to sites that are using our free zen cart templates. We like to promote these sites to give everyone an idea of the great looking variety of sites using our free zen cart templates. Using the free zen cart templates as a starting off point, many of these sites add in their own style and elements to come up with something unique and interesting. You will also find links to helpful zen cart tutorial on Picaflor Azul’s Zannel. We post links to the most interesting and useful zen cart help faq’s and tutorials. Read them to learn about easy ways to increase the functionality, usability, and profitability of your zen cart web site. Helpful tutorials include how to’s for attributes, ezpages, permissions, group discounts, meta tags, sideboxes, taxes, installation, and the zen cart admin. Other Picaflor Azul Zannel updates will include links to recently completed zen cart projects that can now be found in our zen cart portfolio.

Picaflor Azul specializes in creating beautiful and functional zen cart designs. Their site www.picaflor-azul.com provides links to the most used zen cart tutorials, has satisfied customer testimonials, and features their zen cart design portfolio. Contact Us for a quote on your custom zen cart design project today!

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