Zen Cart Templates: How to Hide Page Elements and Prices in Maintenance Mode

When you are working on your zen cart site and have it set to “true” for maintenance mode, you can hide various page elements. This may be helpful if you are working on these specific page areas. They will be hidden to the public while you are working. You can hide the header, footer, left column, right column, and prices. For example, if you are working on updating product prices, you might want to hide prices sitewide from the public until your changes are complete. Or, you might want to make changes or customizations to your site footer but don’t want the site live and the public ready to view your changes as you work. This zen cart templates tutorial will show you how to hide various page elements and/or prices while your store is in maintenance mode.

This is a basic zen cart tutorial and does not require any special skills, tools, or knowledge. You will need to know your zen cart admin url, username, and password to log in.

Zen Cart Templates Tutorial: How to Hide Page Elements and/or Prices While Your Store is in Maintenance Mode

1. Log into your zen cart admin and navigate to Admin–Configuration–Website Maintenance

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2. You will see options for “Down for Maintenance: Hide Header”, “Down for Maintenance: Hide Column Left”, “Down for Maintenance: Hide Column Right”, “Down for Maintenance: Hide Footer”, “Down for Maintenance: Hide Prices”.

Click on the option that you want, select “true”, and click on the “update” button.

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3. Navigate to your zen cart home page in your browser and click on the “refresh” button.

If you need help with your zen cart project, or need a quote for a customization that is beyond your skill level, contact us for a quote.

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