Send a Newsletter

Create and send out a newsletter to your loyal customers to increase sales or highlight a current promotion. This step by step tutorial will show you how to send a newsletter to your zen cart newsletter subscribers.

1. Log into your zen cart admin and go to Tools -> Newsletter and Product Notifications Manager.

2. Click on the “new newsletter” button.

3. There are 4 bits of information to fill out.

  • A. Text Editor: “Plain Text” is recommended
  • B. Module: Select “Newsletter”
  • C. Subject:
  • D. Rich Text Content: and Text-Only Content:

Then click on the “save” button.

4. Now you will see your newsletter in the list. Click on the “send” button.

5. Select the audience for this newsletter mailing. Choices are:

  • All Newsletter Subscribers
  • Dormant Customers (>3months)(Subscribers)
  • Active customers in past 3 months(Subscribers)
  • Active customers in past 3 months (Regardless of subscription status)
  • Administrator
  • Customers who have never completed a purchase

And click on the “select” button.

6. Review the newsletter content and click on the “send mail” button.

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