Install a SQL Database Patch


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Patching your database is a must have skill for any zen cart store owner. You will add database patches for many reasons including module installation, and updating any information in your zen cart database.

Step one is to back up your zen cart database. Follow this step by step tutorial if you don’t already know how to do this:

How to Backup Your Database Using PHPMyAdmin Zen Cart

Log into your zen cart admin and go to Tools -> Install SQL Patches.

There are 2 ways to execute your query. The first way is to copy and paste it into the box and click on the “send” button. Be sure to end your query with a semi-colon.

The second way is to upload a file (click on the “browse” or “choose file” button to select the file from your computer) and click on the “upload” button. Please note that Zen Cart database-upgrade scripts should NOT be run from this page.

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