Customize the EZ-Pages Header Link Separator

EZ Pages in zen cart are a great way to add content and additional links to your website. These links can be turned on in the header bar of your site. This tutorial will show you how to customize the ez pages header link separator in your zen cart store. By default, the separator will be two colons (::).

This tutorial features the Avonlee Contempo free zen cart template by Picaflor Azul. If you want to use it for your zen cart project you can download it for free here.

1. Log into your Admin and go to Admin -> Configuration -> EZ Pages Settings

Click on “EZ-Pages Header Link Separator”, add the code for the new link separator for the EZ pages header links, and click on the “Update” button.

Navigate to your zen cart website and hit the “refresh” button to see the changes.

If you need help customizing your zen cart web site, or would like a great custom design, please contact us for a quote.