Configure Taxes (US state sales tax – single rate)

Configuring your state taxes should be on your checklist of items to set up before your zen cart sites grand opening. This step by step tutorial will show you how to configure US state sales tax, single rate, in your zen cart store.

1. Log into your zen cart admin and go to Configuration -> My Store.

Click on “Zone” select the country and zone where your store is located from the drop down menu and click on the “update” button.

2. Go to Locations /Taxes -> Zones Definitions

Click on the “insert” button.

Add your Zone name and Description and click on the “insert” button. In this example we will configure taxes for the state of Colorado.

Click on the “details” button.

Click on the “insert” button.

Select “United States” from the Country drop down menu, and “Colorado” from the Zone drop down menu, and click on the “insert” button.

3. Go to Locations/Taxes > Tax Classes.

Click on the “new tax class” button.

Add the “Tax Class Title:” and “Description”, and click on the “insert” button.

4. Go to Locations/Taxes > Tax Rates:

Click on the “new tax rate” button.

Fill in the information and then click on the “insert” button:

  • A. Tax Class Title:
  • B. Zone:
  • C. Tax Rate (%):
  • D. Description:
  • e. Priority:

Now, when you add a product, make sure you apply the new tax class to any products that you might be charging tax on.

To streamline the process of adding a tax class to your products, you can set a default tax class.

First, find the tax class ID number of the tax class that you want to set as default.

Go to Locations/Taxes ->Tax Classes

Go to Catalog -> Product Types.

Select “Product-General” and click on the “edit layout” button.

Select “Product Price Tax Class Default – When adding new products?”, add the tax class id number and click on the “update” button.

Now, when you list a new product, this tax class will be selected by default.

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