Zen Cart How To Add Multiple Images to a Product

A picture is worth a thousand words. Multiple product images make for good customer conversion. This step by step tutorial will show you how to add more than one image to your zen cart products.

Take this example:

You list a product. If you do not know how to do this see this tutorial.

When you listed this product you selected from the drop down menu the directory images/womens to upload the product image dress.jpg. **Important: When you name a product image you should never use capital letters, spaces, or special symbols.**

In order for your additional images to show on the product page, they must be named correctly. For dress.jpg the additional images would be:






Please note that the names are using an underscore _ and not a dash – .

Use your FTP program to upload these additional images to the same directory as the main image. In this case the directory is images/womens.

The images will load in the order of the numbers you use to name the images.

Continuing with the example, the large product images would be named (these are the images that will be in the popup window when customers click on the “click to enlarge” link under the main product image):






The large images would be uploaded to images/large/womens

The medium image (this is the main image used on the product info page) would be uploaded to the directory images/mediumwomens:


NOTE: There is ONLY ONE Medium Image used per Product on the Product Info page: (pages named product_info, product_music_info etc.) The naming is related directly to the original image.

You do not need to use sub directories for your images. They can all be uploaded to:




BUT, your site will be much more organized and easier to maintain if you do use sub directories. It will make deleting old images that are no longer being used a lot easier.

If you need help customizing your zen cart web site, or would like a great custom design, please contact us for a quote.