How Do I Use My Currency Instead of US Dollars?

If your zen cart store is located outside of the U.S. or you just want to a default currency other than US dollars, then you will want to follow this step by step tutorial to find out how to change the default currency in zen cart.

There are two aspects to configuring your currency settings. The first is whether you want to accept more than one currency and the second is adding the new currency.

Step 1: “Set Switch To Default Language Currency”

Log into your zen cart admin and go to Configuration -> My Store:

Select “Switch To Default Language Currency” from the list and click on the “edit” button.

If you are running your shop in a language that is not English and are going to use your native currency, click on the line that says “Switch To Default Language Currency” and change the value to true. If you are going to run the cart in English, but not use US Dollars, make sure that the “Switch To Default Language Currency” is set to false. Then click on the “update” button.

Step 2: Add a New Currency

Follow the tutorial here to find out step by step how to add a currency to zen cart.

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