Zen Cart Bug Fix For Flexible Footer In Our Responsive Templates

This Zen Cart Easy Help Tutorial focuses on the bug fix for the flexible footer in our responsive templates. The bug in question is the glitch in the footer which causes every title in the zen cart admin area to say ‘Flexible footer’. The fix for this problem is pretty simple. It basically requires you to delete a few lines of code from one of the php files that affects your zen cart admin. While you should generally apply caution when dealing with php files if you don’t know php, this fix doesn’t require a lot of complicated programing, and is something that you can probably do on your own. Don’t forget that you can always create back-ups of your files and directories before making your changes, and then restore those if something goes wrong.

The first thing you need to do is create a copy of the ‘YOUR_ADMIN/includes/languages/YOUR_LANGUAGE/extra_definitions/flexible_footer_menu.php’ file. Place this file in YOUR_ADMIN/includes/languages/YOUR_LANGUAGE/flexible_footer_menu.php after you copy it. You can do this with your favorite FTP program, or via SSH. Then, open the YOUR_ADMIN/includes/languages/YOUR_LANGUAGE/extra_definitions/flexible_footer_menu.php in your favorite plain text editor. Delete all the php code in this file, with the exception of this block:

define('TEXT_FLEXIBLE_FOOTER_MENU_HEADING_TITLE','Flexible Footer Menu Multilingual');
define('BOX_TOOLS_FLEXIBLE_FOOTER_MENU','Flexible Footer Menu Multilingual');
define('BOX_CONFIG_FLEXIBLE_FOOTER_MENU','Flexible Footer Menu Multilingual Config');
define('BOX_TOOLS_FLEXIBLE_FOOTER_MENU_INSTALL','Flexible Footer Menu Install');  

Then, save the file.

Next, open up the YOUR_ADMIN/includes/languages/YOUR_LANGUAGE/flexible_footer_menu.php, file and delete the above block of code, leaving all the other code in the file untouched. Save your work.

Now the module should show correctly in the zen cart admin menus, and will no longer override other module titles. Check to see if this is the case before writing the problem off as solved. If it is, congratulations! You just fixed your admin!

If you need help with your zen cart web site please contact us for a quote.

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