Admin Menu Guide – Configuration

The zen cart admin is packed with functionality. Here is a handy overview of all of the configuration menu options.


  • My Store: Basic information about your zen cart store.
  • Minimum Values: Go here to set the minimum number of characters required for various text input fields and minimum number of also purchased products and bestsellers.
  • Maximum Values: Go here to set the maximum values for various items including number of product per page, number of new, featured, or specials, number to appear in sidebox, etc.
  • Images Controls sizes of images on various pages.
  • Customer Details: Go here to set options included in User Login/Registration and My Account pages.
  • Shipping/Packaging: Set up general shipping information including locations, weight and size limits, etc.
  • Product Listing: Controls the appearance of the main Product Listing pages.
  • Stock: Set the various options regarding zen cart stock control.
  • Logging: Controls how events are logged.
  • E-Mail Options: Set the various email configuration options used by zen cart.
  • Attribute Settings: Controls how product attributes are handled, including downloadable products. Turn off some options here to speed up your site loading time.
  • GZip Compression: Controls compression settings if the information is transmitted to the user’s web browser in compressed format.
  • Sessions: Information about user sessions (such as whether they are stored in a file on the server or in a cookie on the browser).
  • Regulations: Provision of terms and conditions for customers. For example, you can require that your customers have read your website terms and conditions before they can checkout.
  • GV Coupons: Various configuration options for the Gift Voucher module (gift certificates and coupons).
  • Credit Cards: Go here to set which credit cards you would like to accept.
  • Product Info: Basic options controlling elements to include on Product Info page. Includes setting such as previous/next button position, product reviews require approval, etc.
  • Layout Settings: Controls certain layout options such as turning on column left or column right, setting which pages to show breadcrumbs, etc.
  • Website Maintenance: Controls how your store appears to customers when it is down for maintenance.
  • New Listing: How and where certain product listing information for new listings are displayed.
  • Featured Listing How and where certain product listing information for featured listings are displayed.
  • All Listing: How and where certain product listing information for all listings are displayed.
  • Index Listing: Set new products, featured products, specials, upcoming products show on main page, or on empty shopping cart page, or below product listings.
  • Define Page Status: Controls whether define pages editor text is used and whether a link to a certain page is displayed.
  • EZ-Pages Settings: Configure ezpages to show in header or footer, define separator between the links, etc.

If you need help customizing your zen cart web site, or would like a great custom design, please contact us for a quote.